Saturday, January 08, 2005

Harry Connick Jr. to Star in Pajama Game

Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes, here I start on the countdown to the revival of The Pajama Game. This is, without question, my mostest favorite musical in the world, ever since I saw Steam Heat with Jane Johansen and Tom Knowlton in the Earl Haig production in 197?, after which I was hooked. In fact, my musical Plane Crazy is, in many respects, an homage to The Pajama Game.

Now they've made the surprise announcement that Harry Connick Jr. will star. I've got Steam mostest favorite movie in the world is When Harry Met Sally.

So can it be true? The crooner from my favorite movie, starring in the revival of my favorite musical? Who can say "center orchestra, fourth row"...

Here's a bit from the article on BTW, I saw Wonderful Town twice (my husband three times) and it was awesome. Of course, the running joke is that Comden, Green, and Bernstein wrote Wonderful Town in a month, which is about the amount of time that Donna Murphy appeared on stage in the first year of the show...

Modern day crooner Harry Connick, Jr., is the ususual choice to star in a long-planned and often-delaying Broadway revival of Richard Adler and Jerry Ross' musical, The Pajama Game, the New York Times reported Jan. 8.

The show will be directed and choreographed by Kathleen Marshall, whose Wonderful Town is scheduled to close at the the end of this month after a rocky, one-year-plus run. Pajama Game will open in November.

The announcement is something of a surprise. The production was announced some time ago and has repeatedly pushed back its start date, and producer Jeffrey Richards has been silent on the subject, suggesting to many in the theatre community that the project had stalled for good.

Connick, Jr., who enjoyed his peak fame in the late '80s and early '90s, thanks largely to the success of the soundtrack of "When Harry Met Sally," has never starred in a Broadway musical, though he wrote the score to the short-lived musical Thou Shalt Not. He has also taken occasional film roles. He will play the part of Sid. No one has been announced for the female lead.

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