Monday, February 28, 2005

And the Oscar Goes to...ZZZZ

Well I fell asleep during the Academy Awards. No, I didn't just nod off during the award for best Grip. I missed a fair chunk of the broadcast. But I did see enough to decide it was one of the most unexciting, unglamorous, unremarkable, ho hum (which is what you say to Beyonce to get her to sing...) Oscar nights I'd ever seen. And what made it worse was the tribute to Johnny Carson, although touching, only served to remind me of how great the Oscars USED to be!

It started off well enough, if not particularly eventful, with movie clips. This montage did contain an unusually large number of movie musical clips, which was encouraging. And Renee Zellweger did look gorgeous in her black hair and super thin de-Bridgeted body.

But the whole thing looked a bit like a hastily assembled telethon, what with awards being given in the aisles, in the box seats, in the bathroom, etc. Chris Rock was fine. But not classy. And he has one decibel level -- yelling. And was Beyonce the only singer available? I can’t believe Celine Dion wasn't available...she's always available!

Where were the stars? Where was Jack Nicholson? Tom Hanks? Nicole Kidman? Tom Cruise? Hugh Jackman? Meryl Streep? Catherine Zeta-Jones? Did the invitations not go out in time? Were they printed with the wrong date?

Well, Mickey Rooney was there...And I understand why Jude Law wasn't there. It just seemed to me like the nominated stars were there, and that was about it.

And why wasn't Kevin Kline nominated for De-Lovely? Why isn't there a movie musical category? I mean, there's an animated category. Why, why, why!!!

The highlight of the evening for me was the clip of Johnny Carson and Miss Piggy and the Oscar Meyer joke! For others it might have been Jenny Lumet.

So endeth the rant.


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