Thursday, November 10, 2005

Artist Mary Blair on Flickr's Retro Kid Photo Pool

My favorite ride in Disneyworld is "It's a Small World", and I've always loved the illustration style of the ride (and, guiltily, the song). The artist who did all the work on "It's a Small World" is Mary Blair, and I did this similar post on the beauty of her mid-century illustration design work back in August.

Well, there's another Mary Blair Flickr collection here it is again.

From this post on Boing Boing:

I've mentioned Mary Blair 17 times on Boing Boing -- she was an illustrator known for her children's books and Disney work. (She came up with the designs for It's A Small World.) These scans from The Golden Songbook, which are on Flickr's Retro Kid Photo Pool, show Blair at her best -- painting pictures of happy, playful children and animals.

Here's the Flickr Link that Mark is talking about...very cool!

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