Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mmm...First Class "Love" Seat...

For all my airline fans out there, here's my next piece of furniture, courtesy of this post from Boing Boing:

For $1500, you can buy this pair of used first-class plane-seats to use as a sofa in your living room. You know, I've gotten the occassional first-class flight, and while the seats are infinitely preferable to cattle-class's torture-chairs, they're nowhere near comfortable enough to consider replacing a decent sofa with.

Which links to this really neat product catalog description:

MotoArt First Class Chairs
Fly in the comfort of your Home Theatre with First Class luxury for the price of Coach. Introducing Motoart's latest line of authentic First Class airline seats for your enjoyment. These vintage seats will certainly make for great conversation and are tastefully broken in by 1st Class passengers only. Choose from a collection of your favorite commercial aircraft. Available in several colors and styles. 2 seats per set.

What a great way to play out a bunch of "Mile High Club" fantasies in the comfort, and privacy, of your own living room. I can hardly wait...

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