Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Broadway's Lost Treasures Volume 3: The Best of the Tony Awards

God I love this stuff!

My fabulous husband gave me Broadway's Lost Treasures Volume 3 for this week's Sunday Surprise, bless his syncopated heart!

These collections are amazing. The only negative thing (if you can call it negative) is they only include Tony performances or really successful shows, and not performances from other shows that were somewhat "unpopular" or "infamous" (ie. Carrie). I mean, wouldn't it be awesome to have a visual record of all the shows done on Broadway?

In addition to some unearthed classic gems (Jerry Orbach singing "She Loves Basketball" from Promises, Promises) this volume included performances from Tony broadcasts that I actually remember!

These include such gems as the cast of the revival of 42nd Street tap dancing through the subway and into Radio City Music Hall. That was what got us down to see it when it first opened! And the Tony award winning performance of "My Philosophy" from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown by Kristin Chenewith. Upon repeated viewings, she really is amazing. And cute as a button!

One of my fav bits on this DVD is Robert Goulet singing selections from Kander and Ebb's The Happy Time. I have the CD and I just love it. Wow -- what a voice, and wow -- he was gorgeous! And nobody does "sad uptempo" like Kander and Ebb!

Oh, and who could forget all those singin' and dancin' Mounties on stage in Rose-Marie -- you don't see that everyday!

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