Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Costumer's Manifesto

I came across a really cool Web site at when I was looking for some information on breakaway pants (don't ask).

Run by Tara Maginnis, PhD at the University of Alaska Fairbank. The site is all about costumes -- costumes for dress up, Halloween, the theatre, every day wear, accessories, how-to -- you name it, she talks about it.

My favorite part of the site is the Costume and Trivia Questions section, where she gets all sorts of crazy questions. Go to the site to see her answers but here is a selection of questions she gets:

1. I'm a Heterosxeual Transvestite who needs advice on body padding so my dresses will fit better.

2. My Fiddler On the Roof director thinks Russian Jews wore barmaid bodices and polyester pants, where do I find research materials for 1904 Russian Jews so I can enlighten him?

3. How do I teach a little girl's soccer team how to tie dye their uniform socks?

4. My professor says Saque Backed gowns didn't exist. Am I crazy thinking I've seen them, or is she stupid?

5. Can I paint a pair of overalls silver for the Tin Man in The Wiz?

And my personal favorite:

6. I'm in Community theatre Costume Hell. How do I get these people to act like professionals?

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