Monday, January 09, 2006

Jimmy Webb's turn on Broadway?

In this previous post I talked about how Jimmy Webb warned me that musical theater is a tough business, and that he didn't have much luck with his original musical Tuxedo. True enough.

But it seems like most of my '70s favs are on Broadway/West End now in some form or another. Elton John, Billy Joel, Peter Allen, Queen, and even Rod Stewart.

Heck, even the Jersey Boys, for all its '50s-genuine groove has Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons hits from the '70s ("Oh What a Night" and "Who Loves You").

And just the other day I was listening to Linda Ronstadt's Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind CD, and Jimmy Webb has a great song called "Adios" (in which he rhymes adios with grandiose -- don't you just love it!) on it. It got me to thinking, boy he has a ton of great why doesn't he do a life-story jukebox musical like The Boy From Oz or Jersey Boys with his repetoire?

He could call it "World Wide Webb!"

Selections might include:

"Up, Up and Away"
"By The Time I Get To Phoenix"
"Witchita Lineman"
"Still Within The Sound of My Voice"
"MacArthur Park" (now that's theatrical!)
"Lightning in a Bottle"

And, did you know that "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" has been the third most performed song in the last fifty years, with "Up, Up And Away" on the same list in the top thirty?

"Jimmy Webb is one of the only contemporary songwriters who can write songs right into the orchestra, and his songs have 17-layer emotions and sophisticated chord charges that are absolutely dazzling," says singer Linda Ronstadt

This man deserves a musical!

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