Saturday, January 14, 2006

PLANE CRAZY Sheridan "Bold Strokes" Rehearsals

"Back in the high life again!"

I went to a great rehearsal at Sheridan this weekend. Marc Richard, the director, and Chris Mounteer, the musical director, have only been working with the cast for a week, but have made an impressive amount of progress.

I walked in to see some of the set pieces on stage (It's a bed! It's a plane! It's Plane Crazy!) and the catwalk/stair piece in place. The costume designer, Nina Okens, was there, and she's already off scrounging for fabric for the stew costumes.

Luckily they don't need to buy a lot of fabric -- hee hee!

It's really cool to see the set design, and how it is different from our production at NYMF 2005.

It's still the same show (er, with three new songs, two songs dropped, and tons of revisions to the Book), but a different group of people are visualizing it and bringing it to life. Sounds obvious, but it's a new (and exciting) experience for me.

When I arrived Marc was rehearsing the Stew Zoo scene. He was having the actors do a really neat exercise. As they read their lines, they had to first state the specific action that is motivating their specific line.

They are forced to make choices, and deliver on them, and then Marc can coach them those choices. For example, If Holly's line is "Let's get this party started", she would say "I enthuse you; Let's get this party started". Other examples of actions for other lines might be -- I tease you, I inform you, I seduce you -- you get the idea.

Seems simple enough, but it really breathes life into the lines, and keeps the actors focused and specific.

I'm sure this is a well-known technique, but I've never seen it done before, or been directed that way, so it was really fun to watch. Good times!

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