Friday, June 23, 2006

THE TALE OF PIGLING BLAND Rehearsals Continue...

I am quickly becoming intimately familiar with every single rehearsal room at Equity Showcase Theatre! And I'm on a first-name basis with Puck, the humungous white and black cat that lives there (I call it "get away from me you wretched animal" and it calls me "Suzy").

We've been in the Apartment Studio, The Guild Room, The Lower Hall, and tonight it's the Auditorium. What I like about the Lower Hall (aside from its football-field dimensions) are the yellow stacking chairs. These padded chairs are exactly the ones my dad bought for our kitchen back in the '70s.

Back to rehearsals...we've already staged the first three scenes. The opening, "We're Pigs" is going to be awesome!

The actors have all found their inner pigs and physically transform themselves with the first "we're pigs". Even without costumes you can really see it. And our wonderful set team -- Shawndra and Don -- have already provided us with the moveable picket fences that will have multiple uses throughout the show.

It's also fun to watch Marc and the actors give the characters more dimension than just what is on the page (I think Aunt Pettitoes could use a glass of Sherry...). We've got a really great group and because they've worked together before with Marc at Sheridan, they share a real affection for each other, and also a shorthand language.

Tonight is another music-only rehearsal, and then tomorrow night Marc is going to choreograph the infamous "Door Song" between Pigling and Pigwig. Can't wait!

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