Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Can You Get For $5? Or $10?

What Does $5 Buy You These Days? Or, "Gee Our Old Lasalle Ran Great, Those Were the Days..."

I remember when pop was ten cents a can (well, who would pay more than that for a can of Tahiti Treat for goodness sake!) and a bag of cheesecorn and a new Archie Comic would set you back about fifty cents! Ah the early '70s...

But inflation has really eaten away at a kid's buying power! I mean it's hard for a kid to scrape together enough to buy a supersized extra large fries these days!

So what does a fiver get you?

1. One movie rental for which you get one highly scratched, virtually unwatchable DVD of HOOK -- hmmm -- or;

2. Two and a half supersized Mr. Big chocolate bars (ASIDE: Does anybody really need that much nougat?) -- hmmm -- or;

3. Forty-five fabulous minutes of the all singing' and all dancin' hot new kids live-on-air-conditioned-stage musical THE TALE OF PIGLING BLAND!

That's right! For just $5 ($10 for young-at-heart grown-ups), a kid can come and see eight incredibly-talented actors and three incredibly-talented musicians bring the classic Beatrix Potter story to musical life! THE TALE OF PIGLING BLAND is the fun family musical story about a pig who is forced to find his way in the world -- the perfect coming of age PIG story!

And here's the closer -- no tax! Just a crisp five bucks (or two toonies and a loony, or five loonies, or 20 quarters or ... well, you get the picture!).

So kids, go bug your Mom or Dad or big sis or big bro' to bring you to see THE TALE OF PIGLING BLAND. Your grown-up can buy tickets by calling 416.967.1528 or visiting

Happy days are here again!

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